Lion Carpet

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Color: Style H

Size: 40x60cm (16x24in)

40x60cm (16x24in)
50x80cm (20x31in)
60x90cm (24x35in)
70x100cm (28x39in)
80x120cm (31x47in)
80x160cm (31x63in)
80x140cm (31x55in)
90x130cm (35x51in)
100x150cm (39x59in)
100x120cm (39x47in)
120x160cm (47x63in)
150x200cm (59x79in)
150x220cm (59x86in)
160x230cm (63x90in)
160x200cm (63x79in)
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Product Details:
40 x 60cm=15.74 x 23.62inch for doormat or bathroom
50 x 80cm=19.68 x 31.49inch for doormat or bathroom
50 x 100cm=19.68 x 39.36inch for kitchen or laundry
60 x 90cm=23.62 x 35.43inch for Single sofa
70 x 100cm=27.58 x 39.36inch for doormat or bathroom or bedroom
60 x 120cm=23.62 x 47.24inch for kitchen or bathroom or laundry
80 x 120cm=31.49 x 47.24inch for double sofa or biger Single sofa
80 x 140cm=31.49 x 55.16inch for livingroom or bathroom or bedroom
90 x 130cm=35.46 x 51.22inch for livingroom or bathroom or bedroom
100 x 120cm=39.36 x 47.28inch for livingroom or bedroom
80 x 160cm=31.49 x 63.04inch for kitchen or laundry
100 x 150cm=39.36 x 59.04inch for livingroom or bedroom
120 x 160cm=47.28 x 63.04inch for livingroom or bedroom
160 x 200cm=63.04 x 78.80inch for livingroom or bedroom
160 x 230cm=63.04 x 90.55inch for livingroom or bedroom

Product benefits:

(1) the fabric feels soft, comfortable, flexible and anti-static.

(2) easy to clean, can be washed directly by washing machine or hand, do not fall, do not fade.

(3) no odor, no harmful substances.

(4) wear-resistant, durable, corrosion-resistant, washable, dustproof

(5) Due to packaging problems, the carpet may have some folds, as long as gravity is used on the carpet for 1-2 days.
Can the fold disappear or use the fold for a while to disappear automatically

(6) Due to different display settings, the actual product may have a little color difference, subject to the actual object received, thank you for your understanding!

Note: Due to the different measurement methods and fabric characteristics, size may exist error, normal in 1-2cm or so; consequence of different monitors, shooting technology and personal definition of color, there may be slight color difference. 


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